• Determination of steel drum volume

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    a. If the user contains liquid, it shall be calculated according to the specific gravity of the product, but enough space shall be reserved for the expansion and crack of the product due to thermal expansion (except for low boiling point products), so as to prevent the expansion and crack of the steel barrel when it falls and deforms.

    b. If the user contains solids, the steel drum manufacturer shall be required to provide a certain volume of steel drum for trial loading, and then convert it into a steel drum with the required volume, but enough space shall also be reserved for lining plastic bags to prevent expansion and crack when the steel drum falls and deforms.

    c. If users contain low boiling point products (generally below 60 ℃), they should fully consider that such products have steam pressure at a certain temperature, and the liquid steam pressure increases with the increase of temperature. In addition, the product filling temperature and the maximum storage and transportation temperature that the steel drum may encounter after product filling should be considered. Generally, 55 ℃ should be considered. In some areas, the temperature difference between 60 ℃ should be considered, which will cause the volume expansion of the product and lead to the internal pressure in the steel drum. The sum of these two pressures shall not be greater than the allowable internal pressure of the steel drum, otherwise the steel drum will burst. The steel drum is allowed to bear internal pressure. See the commodity inspection certificate for details, or consult the steel drum manufacturer.

    d. If the filling temperature of the user is high (above 60 ℃), the minimum temperature of storage and transportation shall be considered. The temperature difference will lead to negative pressure of the steel barrel, which will lead to the shrinkage of the steel barrel, or the shrinkage of the steel barrel when touching the steel barrel. Solution: 1. Screw on the plug after the filling product is cooled to a certain temperature; 2. Leave enough space.

    e. The height of steel barrel: open barrel refers to the outer height after removing the cover, closed barrel refers to the outer height, and composite barrel refers to the outer height.

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